GastroMap - 2017 - Asociatia Sibiul Azi
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GastroMap – 2017

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The Association “Sibiul Azi” has launched the “GastroMap” project co-financed by the Sibiu Municipality and by the Local Council, under the 2017 Community Agenda.

Sibiu “GastroMap” is a project that targets both Romanian and foreign visitors who want to discover the city’s culinary traditions; the project also seeks to preserve and promote old, local and authentic recipes specific to this city.

“GastroMap” is a project in which two products are created: a bilingual (Romanian-English) brochure including traditional recipes and a barcode smartphone app.

There are 25 authentic traditional recipes of Sibiu included in the brochure, for tasty food, delicious desserts or beverages and preserves of the traditional Romanian, Transylvanian Saxon, Hungarian and Jewish cuisines.

The digital app will enable immediate access to the gastronomic product: ingredients, how to, or pictures; at the same time, it will allow the user access to important information about the tourist attractions of Sibiu.

The Association “Sibiul Azi” would like this project to contribute with information for the recognition of the gastronomic attractions of this area and of the Sibiu communities (well-known ethnic diversity: Romania, Transylvanian Saxon, Hungarian, Jewish population), as well as to promote such attractions among all visitors.



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